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FEMA Program

Strategic program, regulatory and policy advice. Damage assessments, construction management, grant development and management. Disaster Recovery Program management, Mitigation Program management, financial tracking of costs, intake, eligibility, and case management. Planning, training, and exercise development, project controls, logistics, temporary housing, short-term housing support, and staff augmentation.

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Debris management includes managing and monitoring of disaster debris operations to ensure compliance and safety. Provide technical assistance and the necessary documentation to maximize federal reimbursement.


Program implementation, intake, eligibility, and case management. Reconstruction and Repair Program management, site inspections, environmental review coordination, and subcontractor management.

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Cost estimation, quality control, interim and final inspection services, assembly and supervision of preconstruction services, repairs, reconstruction efforts, and trade partner management, planning, coordination of inspections, and environmental reviews, and technical assistance and contractor management.


Our disaster management services offer management of all disaster recovery services including staff augmentation, material and equipment rental, establishing base camps, risk assessments, emergency response planning, training and exercise development, financial cost tracking, grant management and closeout.

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Restoration +

With our restoration and remediation services, we provide emergency repairs and remediation, detailed scope of work, testing, monitoring, and inspection.  We work with your team to provide oversight of the recovery process through mitigation, resiliency planning, and permanent construction.


Specializing in crisis management, strategic advisory services, emergency response planning and preparedness.  Our experts provide grant identification, management, and application development in addition to after action reporting and Emergency Operations Center (EOC) support. For over 35 years, DCMC has helped clients across the nation successfully address the disaster lifecycle.


Disaster assistance, complete with exceptional data management and mobile app development to federal, state and local governments.  Applicant intake, damage assessment, environmental review, construction inspection, applicant appeals, compliance and monitoring, and staff augmentation.


Versatile provider of fuel, water, and transportation services.  Specializing in hauling various products and materials, Macro is the leading emergency fuel provider with the largest fleet of dedicated trucks in the U.S. Services include mobile refueling, generator refueling, equipment fueling, and bulk fuel storage tank re-fueling. Macro also has a fleet of Potable Water Tankers and military-grade fuel trucks for challenging conditions.

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